Dad's Proverbs


Many Christians today live what they consider a “biblical” life (going to church, being nice, helping others, praying, reading their bible…) and yet know little of peace and joy (the fruit of the spirit has nothing to do with earthly circumstances). They ignorantly miss the enemy’s deception (that was clearly outlined in Jesus’ wilderness encounter) and agree with the enemy that they should not experience hunger and should always have “bread.” They think that, because they are a “new creature,” they will be happy/content/satisfied and, because they now belong to God, circumstances will favor them (they think this is “abundant life”). Disillusionment follows because reality never lines up with this theology…

Kingdom Truth Reminders, Life Observations…

These “sayings” were originally written to help my adult kids navigate the confusing array of “messages” with which they are confronted in this world, both within and without the bible-believing community. Many readers have shared how they have been encouraged and challenged by them, so they are published here. I hope they impact your journey and draw you closer to the Truth, the Way and the Life.

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