Dad's Proverbs


Only grace (unearned favor) and mercy (unearned forgiveness for errors/offenses) allow the “screwed up” to know love and acceptance apart from performance of any kind. Only in an environment of grace and mercy can we acknowledge our flaws without fear that those same flaws will condemn or ostracize us. In an environment of grace and mercy, we can be transparent and let go of any need to perform a certain way (or refuse to see our flaws) in order to be accepted (even in our own eyes). This is authentic Christianity, it has nothing to do with religion, and far too few (even within churches) experience its beauty. There is nothing more profoundly beautiful than Jesus’ grace. Nothing.

Kingdom Truth Reminders, Life Observations…

These “sayings” were originally written to help my adult kids navigate the confusing array of “messages” with which they are confronted in this world, both within and without the bible-believing community. Many readers have shared how they have been encouraged and challenged by them, so they are published here. I hope they impact your journey and draw you closer to the Truth, the Way and the Life.

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