Dad's Proverbs


A hungry and frail beggar finds food, eats his fill, and then seeks out his family and friends to guide them to the rich and plentiful banquet. Some of his friends admit their hunger, follow him and are filled. Others refuse to go because they simply don’t believe that he has found food. Still others accuse the satisfied messenger of being disingenuous and critical of their lack of food. While the beggar’s love and concern for his friends compels him to introduce them to the food, only the extent of their hunger combined with his credibly transformed health will convince them to follow him to sustenance. May our words, our passion, and our credible health and vitality convince those who know us (and some who don’t know us) that we have found Life…

Kingdom Truth Reminders, Life Observations…

These “sayings” were originally written to help my adult kids navigate the confusing array of “messages” with which they are confronted in this world, both within and without the bible-believing community. Many readers have shared how they have been encouraged and challenged by them, so they are published here. I hope they impact your journey and draw you closer to the Truth, the Way and the Life.

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